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Our Governance


NUS UK is governed by a combination of National Conference, the National Executive Council and the NUS UK Board with a leadership network made up of both elected representatives, appointed trustees and permanent staff.

National Conference is the head policy making body of NUS UK. Delegates are elected from each local Students’ Union that is an affiliated member of NUS to represent students’ views on a National level.

The National Executive Council is the interim policy making body between meetings of National Conference for issues which need addressing. It is also provides scrutiny and accountability body for NUS officers and the work of the Zones.

The NUS UK Board is responsible for the management and administration of NUS UK. It provides direction for the long term plans of the organisation.  

The National President is the National voice of students and is the Chair of the 3 bodies above.

The NUS Group structure made up of 7 separate legal entities each with its own Board of Directors/Trustees which links both directly and indirectly to NUS UK.

To ensure the organisation is effectively managed, that the vision and mission is being delivered and that we are member-led NUS’ governance model includes operational management by permanent staff, appropriate direction and control exercised by the boards and subcommittees, influence and scrutiny by member unions and political leadership by elected representatives.


Member Voice and Influence 

The elected officers, are the political leaders of the organisation. They are mandated to do things by conferences, elected by student representatives and accountable to the members.

Direction and Control 

The trustees/directors are responsible for ensuring that NUS remains legally compliant, financially stable and free from reputational risk. They are responsible for organisational long term plans

Operational Management 

The senior staff are responsible for the operations of the organisation, including line management of staff.