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The NUS Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans + (LGBT+) campaign exists to represent and extend and defend the rights of LGBT+ students. We are an autonomous campaign, which means that we are led by LGBT+ students in our governance and decision-making processes.

Fran Cowling (Women’s Place) and Robbiie Young (Open Place) are the elected NUS LGBT+ Officers for 2014-15 and we also have an elected National LGBT+ Committee who act as representatives of LGBT+ Students.

The officers, committee and policy are decided on at NUS LGBT+ Conference, which takes place annually with LGBT+ student representatives attending from across the UK.The officers and committee are bound by our own policy and make decisions on interim policy between conferences.

Throughout the year, we work on key areas, as identified within our policy, to positively impact LGBT+ students’ lives and towards the freedom from oppression and discrimination of LGBT+ people.

This is done through campaigns, activism, research, development and training that we deliver and LGBT+ students inform and participate in.